Testing and other material services

Material testing can be vital to enable reuse of materials (especial structural components) which have been exposed to environmental factors such as temperature and humidity changes, loads or chemicals. In this case the quality of the product can be tested using a range of non-destructive methods to understand how an object might be given a second life. The following providers offer a range of services to suit your next reuse project.


Material testing

Lucideon provide construction material testing services at their laboratory which is accredited by UKAS and can meet a range of national, European and international standards. They are also able to provide on-site testing services.


Material testing

Re-Mine works in partnership with both waste producers and the waste management industry to deliver products from waste, including supporting companies to address legal and operational challenges.


Material testing

Sandberg LLP provide consultancy, testing and inspecting services on a wide variety of construction industry materials and was one of the first laboratories to receive UKAS testing accreditation.

GBG Cambridgeshire

Material testing

GBG provide engineering specialising in forensic structural and geophysical investigation. They also provide non-destructive testing and offer building remediation investigation and consultancy.


Material testing

Fugro carry out materials testing and structural investigations globally. They provide various services including lab testing and structural health monitoring which can benefit the reuse of materials including steel and concrete.